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Court Interpreter: accuracy and understanding under pressure

Consecutive or face-to-face’ interpreting in a court of law requires the highest levels of accuracy and understanding under pressure and at a fast conversational speed.

Because of this Prestige takes great care over the selection and appointing of all their court interpreters. To eliminate the risk of errors we ensure that both our legal interpreters and legal translators are competent in at least three different specialist areas: comparative law, specific terminology and legal writing style.

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Established over 25 years ago, our top quality Legal Translation Service operates a qualified and professional team of specialist legal translators and interpreters right across the UK. Competitive rates are available and we can provide urgent translation and interpreting services when required.

"Any Where - Any Time - Any Language"

Government Procurement Service Approved Supplier

With over 5000 interpreters and translators nationwide

Prestige can source experienced court interpreters and translators in over 200 languages including British Sign Language.

Court interpreters can also provide simultaneous interpretation, translating as the person is speaking using the latest headphone technology.

Court interpreters are usually assigned to do court work, but the police, immigration and other authorities will sometimes contact them when their own interpreters are not available. Since crimes frequently happen at unsociable hours, it cannot be avoided that court interpreters will occasionally have to work at such hours. However, this is the exception rather than the rule, unless an interpreter is called in to work for a major drug or racketeering case. I personally find, though, that being where the action takes place is more challenging (and rewarding) than waiting in some conference booth or interpreters' lounge at a ghastly hour for a debate to end or a meeting to resume.

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