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Court translator Service: A real area of expertise

Court translations requires an in-depth understanding of court processes and procedures, allowing the translator to be of assistance wherever necessary, conduct themselves in the appropriate manner and to translate within the required timeframe, context and using the accepted terminology.

Court translators are often involved before the case goes to court, for example with the compilation of evidence related documentation or the translation of witness statements. During the case, court translators can be required to assist with the minuting of proceedings and judicial reviews etc…

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Established over 25 years ago, our top quality Legal Translation Service operates a qualified and professional team of specialist legal translators and interpreters right across the UK. Competitive rates are available and we can provide urgent translation and interpreting services when required.

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Delivering Court Translators to Over 50 UK Courts

Court translation is a specialist area of expertise, requiring constant professionalism, speed and accuracy under pressure.

We provide reliable and trustworthy court translators who can assist with all aspects of legal language translation. Our court translators can work with documents pertaining to a UK court of law, an international arbitration tribunal or a foreign ministry of justice; they all have first-hand knowledge of court work including translation and interpretation.

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