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We have expert and professional business translators well educated and ready to assist you with your legal translation requirements. Expand your business by translating your materials and media into one of over 200 languages. Grow your company from within with our cultural and diversity training.

Over 30% of your business could be lost because of the language gap. Internal productivity can be greatly increased by using a translation service to help your work force communicate better.

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Established over 25 years ago, our top quality Legal Translation Service operates a qualified and professional team of specialist legal translators and interpreters right across the UK. Competitive rates are available and we can provide urgent translation and interpreting services when required.

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Legal Business Contracts

Express Contracts In this type of contract, the parties to the contract state the terms and conditions either by word of mouth or in writing, at the time of forming the contract.

Implied Contracts Contracts implied in fact and contracts implied in law are both a part of implied contracts.

Executed Contracts An executed contract is termed as an agreement in which no other transaction is left out to be executed by either party.

Bilateral and Unilateral Contracts If two entities exchange a mutual and reciprocal promise that implicates the execution of an act, an obligation or a transaction or forbearance from execution of an act or an obligation.

Unconscionable Contracts Unconscionable contracts are those that are unfair and unduly one-way favors of the party who stand at a superior end of the bargaining power. The word 'unconscionable' means an insult to justice and decency.

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